For over three decades Four Winds West owners Joel Rubiner, artist and Sinde Rubiner, business manager have been offering unique styles that combine a deep sense of tradition and cultural arts with an emphasis always on quality. 

Joel began leathercraft in 1965 as an apprentice with legendary Lew Davis in Tucson.  He later had his own workshops in Boulder, Colorado and Ibiza, Spain where he discovered the Hispano-Moorish roots of American Western culture.  In 1984 he and Sinde established Four Winds West in Tucson. 

In his Tucson workshop he creates each design, making the patterns and crafting each piece to his high standard.  He and Sinde have a second home and workshop in Marrakech, Morocco where Joel does the laborious laced assembly with two master craftsmen.  Using only the finest leathers and making his own distinctive conchos and buckles with elements of horn, bone and turquoise, each creation is a labor of love. 

We pride ourselves on creating functional, durable and truly handmade work. Customer satisfaction and efficiency is always a priority.